10/09/2021 | newsletter

This Month I’m Getting Straight to the Point

It's so important to declare a victory every day, whether you went on a long walk, pumped iron, finished a great project at work, studied in school, or spent quality time with your children or grandchildren. Just declare victory every single day, and take the time to celebrate yourself. Read more

08/28/2021 | newsletter

We Need to Talk

This month's newsletter is packed! I provide an update on my animals, suggest a great charity contest where you can hang out with me if you donate to After-School All-Stars, discuss my recent comments on Covid-19, highlight community heroes, and answer questions from you, plus much more! Read more

08/11/2021 | announcements

Don’t Be a Schmuck!

We have to come together rather than fighting. You have the freedom to be a schmuck, but just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Read more

07/30/2021 | newsletter

It’s My Birthday!

It's my 74th birthday today, and a lot of people ask me what I want for my birthday. I don’t need more stuff. But here’s what I will ask from you. Do one thing every month this year, not for yourself, but for others. Read more