My “Be Useful” Audiobook Lands October 10th

I could tell you I am fantastic at everything, but I’d be lying.

I just finished recording my audiobook, Be Useful. It comes out October 10. I could tell you how amazing it was to sit down and record my own words, but the truth is, I was absolutely dreading it.

Here’s my secret: I’m a terrible reader. They didn’t talk about learning disabilities in Austria in the 1950s, so most of the time, when I was asked to read out loud in class, it was just a disaster, and I got smacked with a ruler. But now I know that I’m dyslexic.

When I prepare for a movie, I read the script over and over for months until I’ve memorized every line. I need time and reps to get my mind around the words.

They told me authors ready their books in 2 or 3 days at the studio. I asked for the recording equipment at home and told them I’d do 20-30 pages a day. That way I could log in with the director and producer twice a day for shorter sessions and I could practice non-stop in between.

In this process, I used my own lessons.

1. I let myself dread it and complain for a minute, but then I forced myself to get moving, because denial wasn’t going to get it recorded.
2. I did so many reps I couldn’t count. I broke it up into small pieces, knowing that small wins build up into big victories, or in this case, a whole book.
3. I had the help of a fantastic team. My own team, but also the producers and directors Nithya, Danny, and Kris, and Eric who set up the equipment. All of us need help; none of us are self made.

When you listen to the audiobook, I hope you’re inspired, not just by the words, but by the process of recording them. You can pre-order now at and subscribe to my newsletter if you want stories like this in your inbox at