The film begins with the arrival of a specialist Army Commando team (led by Alan 'Dutch' Schaeffer) at a US military outpost somewhere non-disclosed in Central America. After a short briefing from the commanding officer there, they learn that they are to rescue a 'Cabinet Minister' whom was in a helicopter that was shot down whilst flying over enemy territory. Accompanied by a CIA operative, they head deep into the jungle; only things are not as they seem. Almost immediately, they find the remnants of another US military team, Green Berets; who have been skinned alive by some unknown enemy. A short while later, they strike the enemy encampment; only to find that they have been set up by the CIA to bring back important military intelligence information, rather than effecting any rescue. But something else is hidden, waiting, watching in the jungle. An immensely advanced and powerful alien that hunts only the most dangerous prey in the universe - the Predator. One after another, the team is picked off as they desperately attempt to escape the jungle by reaching the extraction point as the enemy guerrillas and the Predator close in on their position.. can any of them survive this nightmare?